Muskoka Wildlife Centre


Our Staff

Dale GienowCo-director

Together with his wife Jody, Dale co-founded the Muskoka Wildlife Centre. He has worked in the wildlife field since the mid-eighties and has been personally responsible for the health and welfare of hundreds of species and thousands of wild creatures, at seven different zoological facilities accross Canada. Dale managed and still runs the country's largest live animal outreach program and has personally delivered his conservation messages, during some 6,000 presentations, to over 1.5 million audience members. When not educating the public or supervising operations at the centre, Dale can be found handling his wildlife wards during the filming of sequences for film productions on the big screen and television. He also routinely accepts the role of Scientific Advisor for wildlife documentary films aired on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.


Jody GienowCo-director

Jody, together with her husband Dale, founded the Muskoka Wildlife Centre. She has been a lecturer/educator and animal trainer at several wildlife facilities, for over 15 years. Her knowledge of animal behaviour, and wildlife husbandry is vast and Jody excels at the often precarious job of rearing our youngest creature wards in our nursery. She  possesses great experience and strengths for working with children and was responsible for setting up and running Ontario's first residential children's camp, at one of the provinces CAZA accredited zoos. Jody also has taken live animal emissaries to meet with thousands of students, routinely appeared on television nation-wide (most recently as the host of the newly released 'Hinterland Who's Who' public service announcements) and helped to create wildlife documentary films ... all in an effort to help develop an appreciation for our native wildlife in others.

North GienowFront Desk Attendant

North grew up here at the Muskoka Wildlife Centre, as his parents are the founders and directors.  He started to travel at 3 weeks of age, in a pack on his mom or dad's tummy, as they brought their live-animal outreach programs to groups across Ontario.  He delivered his first educational talk, about fox snakes, at the ripe old age of 7 years old, using a microphone and speaking to a group of over 200 audience members, at a wild bird care fundraising event.  North learned to make all of his animal noises before learning to speak human and started handling animals before he could ride a bike.  He has always been a fixture at our centre and this year he has officially joined the payroll as our front desk attendant.  You will see his smiling face when you enter the centre.  North is very knowledgeable so please challenge him with lots of questions about the wildlife we care for. 


Keith PackerWildlife Care-giver

Keith graduated from the Veterinary Technician Program at Northern College in 2002.  He came to the Muskoka Wildlife Centre with animal husbandry experience gained in the field at two other wildlife facilities.  Keith worked at a wildlife centre in northern Ontario and a zoological park in England.  Before coming to work here, Keith returned to Northern College to further his wildlife education and graduated from their Wildlife Rehabilitation Program.  When not busy feeding and caring for our resident animals here at the centre Keith can be found rollerblading, watching movies or juggling. 

Laura GallagherWildlife Educator

Laura attended Sheridan College, where she acquired an animal care certificate and she also attended Sir Sandford Fleming College, in Lindsay, in the Fish and Wildlife Technician program.  Laura served a co-op term here at the centre while attending Sheridan College and  her hard work, amazing attitude and obvious passion for wildlife landed her a position with our team.  Laura has learned many skills while working at our centre and has been a help in the care and upkeep of our animals as well as an asset in teaching the public about our creature wards. Laura is with us part-time and uses up the rest of her waking hours working with her horses.

Krystal HewittWildlife Educator

Krystal came to the centre as a highschool co-op student. Her hard work and love of wildlife landed her a summer position. Krystal is currently attending the University of Guelph for a Bachelor of Science with a major in Wildlife Biology. She will be working at the centre in the summer to further her knowledge of native wildlife, to work hands-on with the animals, and to get experience speaking of wildlife. Krystal enjoys spending as much time as she can with the animals here at the centre and when she isn't keeping busy here, she can be found caring for her own animals at home or hiking and exploring trails and forests .

Becki DickeyWildlife Interpreter

Becki started working around wildlife at a very young age while helping out at a residential zoo camp for children, where she was a camp counselor/ interpreter. She also spent time travelling with a wildlife education company across Ontario. Becki’s strength is in her amazing ability to speak to the public. She has spent time travelling the globe doing health and wellness education in less developed countries. In her spare time, Becki likes to explore new places and to combine her love for teaching and drama in any endeavor that comes her way.

Katrina HuntWildlife Interpreter

Katrina has earned an Honors Bachelor of Science degree at York University as well as an Ontario Teachers Certificate. She came to our centre this summer well equipped to teach our visitors about our provinces wildlife after spending 10 years teaching young people in the Simcoe County Board of Education.  Katrina has an affinity for our provinces winged mammals, so if you have questions about bats she's the one to ask!  Katrina enjoys time with her family, hiking, canoeing and watching whatever nature sends their way.  She keeps busy, in what little spare time she has left, teaching her 3 daughters the fine art of catching (& releasing!) various amphibians and aquatic creatures.