Muskoka Wildlife Centre


Our Friends

Even though we have a formal sponsors program, the Muskoka Wildlife Centre could not survive without the assistance we get in goods and services from the "friends" listed below. The contributions of our "friends" help offset the financial requirements of running the centre. Our thanks go out to all of you.

These amazing computer wizards help our techno-illiterate staff with our website and everything computer.  Without them you would not be reading this.

Bass Pro Shop
The kind people at Bass Pro Shop in Vaughn helped us to acquire a new Cub Cadet vehicle which delivers food and water to all of our animals on our trail system.  The backs of our animal care staff are feeling much better now because of them. 

Heritage Meats
This locally owned and operated business helps to supplement the diets of our carnivores.

Tim Carley
This hard working guy adds to the overall nutritional well-being of our carnivores throughout the winter.

OSPCA-Orillia, Bracebridge and Midland
These dedicated facilities support our animal care team with much needed supplies.

Bracebridge Animal Hospital
The staff of this clinic provide the highest level of medical care to all of our many wild family members (sometimes in the middle of the night).

TyeDee Bin
The wildlife conscious organization manufactures animal resistant garbage bins and supplies our centre with several for use by our visitors. 

Cavan Hills Veterinary Services

This clinic has a very high level of expertise with species specific conditions and treatment and is always available to consult when some of our animals fall ill.

Outward Bound
Hundreds of individuals from this great outdoor organization have put in many, many hardworking hours doing outdoor maintenance at our centre over the years we have been here. 

Ministry of Natural Resources Stewardship Rangers
These young rangers have added a Backyard Habitat exhibit to our trails to help our visitors learn how to enchance their own backyards to attract wildlife.

Critter Cove

This pet supply store donated supplies to help us build an aquatic habitat for our new soft shell turtle after she was rescued by our staff from an abandoned bar in Toronto.

2 Rockafellas
This local landscaping business stops by and moves really big things around for us now and then when we need them.

Dan the Wood Man
This burley lumberjack brings us hollow logs for dens, tasty trees for our moose, beavers and porcupine and piles of woodchips.

Wenonah House
The Wenonah House boys contribute lots of muscle and sweat to outdoor maintenance projects here at the centre.

John Howard Society
This great organization supplies us with hard working individuals who help us with just about any task that needs doing.


This local business supplies us with our fresh chipped trees which we use for ground cover and bedding for all of our resident animals and for our network of trails. 

Curious Daytripper
A special thank you goes to Rock and Cindy Gervais, of "The Curious Daytripper", for their ongoing support of our centre, through published monthly stories about each of our animal residents.

Ontario School of Masonry

A Wing and A Prayer