Sadly, the Muskoka Wildlife Centre has closed its doors.

Developments to the highway the centre is located on make it impossible for us to continue operating from the current location.

Many of our animal friends will continue to be a part of Speaking of Wildlife, our renowned live-animal outreach program, and while they will not be on public display anymore, they will continue to travel and teach with caring individuals that have been looking after them for many years.


All of our precious creatures that do not travel with Speaking of Wildlife have found new homes throughout Canada and will continue to help people learn about their species from each of their new respective wildlife centre and zoo homes.


We would like to thank all of you (our visitors and sponsors) for many years of patronage and support. We were lucky enough to have hosted over 300,000 visitors throughout the 13 years we were open. It is our hope that we were able to inspire and educate our visitors about the importance of preserving our provinces wildlife through our exhibits, our Meet the Creatures sessions and most importantly, through the stories of our wild residents. Our previous consolidated role in conservation can be viewed here.


Live Animal Outreach, Shows, School Programming and Static Displays

Long time employee of the Muskoka Wildlife Centre and Director of Education Laura Gallagher will be continuing our renowned live-animal outreach program, Speaking of Wildlife. Speaking of Wildlife’s acclaimed live animal outreach team has traveled to thousands of venues across Ontario since its beginning in 1989 providing both 1 hour long presentations and static displays, with the help of a team of exceptional wildlife emissaries. There was also a lot of on site park programming which helped the general public to interact with wildlife on a level that they would never normally have done!


For more information on our traveling team please contact Laura Gallagher by: Phone (705) 327-9438 Email: Website: or on Facebook


Wildlife Projects, Film and Photography

Co-director/founder Dale Gienow continues to work with and support the private sector and government agencies in the creation and implementation of many tangible wildlife related projects. Dale will also continue to co-ordinate and train animals for television programs, the big screen and still photography.

For over 25 years, his creature wards have graced the pages of many well-known wildlife magazines and have been featured in Hollywood movies, stage productions, popular television programs and numerous wildlife documentaries. His filmwork in relation to our wildlife centre can be viewed here.


If you have a wildlife emergency please contact your local Ministry of Natural Resources office or the Toronto Wildlife Centre