Animal Actors

To help generate much needed income to allow us to continue with the important work we do, many of our animals took up acting. Staff of the Muskoka Wildlife Centre provided their animal coordinating/advising and handling services to the film industry for more than eighteen years. We prided ourselves on our integrity and professional conduct and established ourselves as an industry leader within the film community. Because our animals were handled daily and are exposed to many varied environments, while participating in our live animal out-reach programs, they were well socialized, travelled well and genuinely enjoyed the change of scenery that came with working on sets all over North America. We maintained the largest collection of native animal species in Ontario and with a vast network of professional contacts (second to none), we provided almost any creature from anteater to zebra and everything in between.

Though the list of productions we have been involved with is much to vast to list on this site, here are a few examples of our work you may have seen recently:


Television Series

We were the head coordinators/advisers and animal handlers for these series, bringing to set over 450 species and 700 individual animals. This represented the largest group of animals ever assembled for a television production in Canadian history.

Zoboomafoo (1998-2000)

 Zoe Busiek's Wild Card (2003) 

Big Screen

Welcome to Moose Port (2003) Starring our 'Chocolate' the moose and 'Flower' the skunk.

Television Commercials

Various Beer Commercials (2001-2003) Starring our 'Pokey' the porcupine, 'Dr. Who' the owl, 'Oreo' and 'Flower' the skunks and 'Clover' the groundhog, all for different beer companies.

Dodge Caravan Commercial (2000)

Mr. Clean Commercial (1999)

Wildlife Documentary

Beastly Countdown (2002-2003)

Purrfect American Killers (2003) Starring our 'Kokanee' the cougar, 'Yeti' the lynx, 'Rufus' the bobcat, 'Hyde' the wolverine, 'Kootenay' the black bear, 'Oreo' the skunk, 'Peter' the cotton-tail; also deer, wild turkeys, pheasants, snowshoe hare, caribou, grizzly bear were provided for this production, aired on the Discovery Channel.

Secret World Of Gardens (2001-2003)

 ... and many, many more.

The Muskoka Wildlife Centre also provides animals for still photography sessions for companies, camera clubs, and individuals. Contact us for details!